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Aug 6, 2015 — by: G.W. Washington
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You’ve probably heard this argument before. The thinking goes that because Greg Walden is the only Republican from the State of Oregon who represents us in Washington DC, as Republicans we must support him. He is our only voice. That sounds good on the face of it. But what if that Republican (Greg Walden) votes more often like a Democrat? What if that Republican is doing a terrible job representing conservative values? Do you still believe the same thing?

There is a error in thinking with the statement: “Walden is our only Republican.” This error is smuggled in and never discussed. It is just assumed to be true, and we are forced to accept it. What is that error? That Greg Walden is the ONLY Republican that can win a general election in the 2nd District. This is not true. This is an assumption that does not measure up to reality. There are several, highly qualified and very capable conservative Republicans that could win in a general election if given the chance. It does not take someone who often scores below 50% (see the website for details) on conservative score cards in order to win. The fact is Oregon’s 2nd District voters are far more conservative than how Greg Walden often votes.

Furthermore this argument pushes the fallacy that the answer to our problems is to elect more Republicans to Washington. They say if that were to happen then all would be well. If you recall in 2010 we were sold this idea and Republicans now control congress going on five years. Have they effectively rolled back or defunded Obamacare (or any other socialist program)? Then in 2014 we were told, if Republicans could just get control of the Senate all would be well. Have the Republicans been able to defund Planned Parenthood (note two Republicans voted No).

The answer is not more Republicans.
The answer is more Conservatives.

Until you grasp that concept you will continue to believe the fantasy that more Republicans are the answer. They are not. Republicans can be, and often are, just as slimy as Democrats — except we know who Democrats are. Far too many Republicans claim to be “conservative” but when you look at their voting record you understand they are just playing politics with us. They say one thing in the district to get re-elected and the do something very different in Washington DC. Don’t believe me? Then check it out for yourself.

Look them up. The Klamath Patriots Conservative PAC have already done this for Greg Walden’s voting record at the website

The problem is not knowledge. The problem is accepting the truth — especially when you have believed the false claims for so long. It takes courage to face facts and change your mind. It takes strength to leave behind what is comfortable and familiar. But now, more than ever, we need men and women of courage, not of comfort. We need men and women who are willing to stand for truth, justice and the American way, not just for Republicans. 

Being a Republican used to mean being conservative. This is no longer true. A Republican can be a conservative, but not always. Sometimes they are Democrats in disguise in order to fool the voters in their district or state. Listen not to what they say with their silver tongues. Know what they do and how they vote. Voting, not words, reveal the truth about them.

 It is time to wake up and face the truth before we are run over by it. The next time someone tells you Walden is our only Republican and therefore we must support him, just ask them to prove Walden (or any other politician) is a conservative. If true, it should be a simple thing to prove. Don’t ask for proof by words or speeches. Don’t ask for proof how nice he is or whether he sent your mother a birthday card. Words are cheap. Ask for them for his voting record — that is what tells the true nature of an elected official. In the end, how Walden votes is all that matters.

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