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Sep 15, 2015 — by: J. Madison
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Jeld-wen-north-carolina-headquartersMost of our local leaders, and many of our State officials, are leftists. I use that label not to ridicule, mock or scorn them. I call them leftists because it is an accurate description. When it comes to political leadership there are only two camps: left and right. However, some may claim to be neither left or right but “moderate” (aka reasonable). Yet, a better way to describe moderates are those who sit on the fence until the political winds blow strong enough in a particular direction and then rush to the front of the line to “lead the charge”. Moderates are not moderate, they are populists. And being a populist is not leadership.

Left or Right. Socialist or Conservative. Our leaders are one or the other. If they claim to be moderate, then they are really socialists because they have no back-bone or spine  to stand for anything that may appear harsh or uncompassionate towards the poor and less fortunate. Therefore these moderate-populists vote for more money to fund government programs and enable more money and benefits for public union government employees. A populist’s direction always leans the same way as a socialist’s. Populists may be slower in implementing socialist plans but make no mistake the only difference is speed, not direction.

So what does any of this have to do about JELD-WEN? Everything.

I just described the climate in Klamath and in Oregon. Socialists (socialist policies) are ruling the roost. Local county and State governments are growing everywhere and contracting no where. More taxes, more programs and more welfare (farm, corporate and personal). Utopia is just around the corner, but to get there the socialist idea says we must give more our wealth to a benevolent group of government lawmakers and bureaucrats. Only they can protect us from our selfish selves and lead us to nirvana.

JELD-WEN said enough. They said they didn’t have to take this any longer. They said they can pick up their stakes and move. And that is exactly what they did — to North Carolina of all places!?! Why would JELD-WEN go there? That is completely on the other side of the country? Doesn’t JELD-WEN care about our beautiful Klamath community? The answer is yes they care, but to a point. And that point was reached when there was no end in sight to more and more of their hard earned revenues being confiscated by higher local and state government fees, programs and taxes.

On the other hand, this is North Carolina’s political and business climate. In 2013 North Carolina’s governor and legislature enacted the largest tax-reform in 80 years.

“The 2013 reform created a modified flat tax system, with a single income tax rate, an increased standard deduction and fewer tax breaks, as well as the elimination of the personal exemption and a $50,000 deduction for small business owners. It also repeals the state's estate tax.” — CNN Money

North Carolina’s government was not done. Yesterday they did the following:

“The budget deal announced by House and Senate leaders includes reforms that will allow individuals, families, and employers across North Carolina to keep more of their earnings. The budget agreement announced today, if approved by Gov. Pat McCrory (R), reduces the individual income tax rate from 5.75 percent to 5.499 percent in 2017. This income tax cut will result in $2.8 billion in taxpayer savings over the next five years.” — Americans for Tax Reform

If you still don’t get it...

If you still need help, here is the bottom line. Klamath County and Oregon continue to expand government and tax their businesses and citizens more and more. This socialist direction is unlikely the change in the near future. In contrast, North Carolina continues to simplify and lower taxes to allow businesses and citizens to keep more of what they earn. If you ran a business that earned $3.5 billion last year and you could locate your head quarters in either Klamath Falls, Oregon or Charlotte, North Carolina what would you do? If you said Klamath Falls, then you too might be a socialist.


  1. Lisa ~ Sep. 15, 2015 @ 12:12 pm

    Another one of your fabulous articles. I am so glad to be on your mailing list. Although you are just writing about what many of us "tax payers" already know it's still good to know that "we" aren't the only ones here that get it. Yes indeed our state income tax is too high and the constant and unrelenting increases in our property taxes is getting harder and harder to take. So far we the "tax payers" have been able to keep many (sadly not all) property tax increases at bay. But there is a constant stream on the horizon. Please keep up the reporting and I keep forwarding your links to others so they can get on board too. Thanks again. #
  2. Fred Starkey ~ Sep. 16, 2015 @ 8:34 pm

    You need a marketing plan. I will submit one. Fred Starkey #

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