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Jan 20, 2016 — by: P. Henry
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Sarah-palinWhy do most people think that when a conservative like Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump yesterday, that made Donald Trump more conservative? Why don’t people think when Sarah Palin endorsed populist Donald Trump yesterday, it revealed to us that Sarah Palin is really a populist?

It is a very important question to ponder. I believe most of us have incorrectly pegged Sarah Palin as a philosophical conservative — one whose ideas bubbled up from the same ground springs in which the Founding Fathers drank. However, yesterday’s announcement made it abundantly clear that our understanding of Sarah Palin has been incorrect. She too is a populist. For another set of exhibits to prove my argument: when have you heard Sarah Palin ever talk down any of Senator John McCain’s populist, big-government ideas? Answer, never. She is loyal to the establishment while wearing red, white and blue.

Unfortunately, most of us were fooled, for Sarah is one who latched onto popular conservative ideas and railed against the left. However, when it came time to stick her neck out, instead of endorsing the true conservative, Ted Cruz, she goes with the popular choice, Mr. Apprentice. She calls that picking a winner. I call that hedging your bets and accepting the under-the-table offer by Trump.

Our beloved Congressman Greg Walden is the same way. Many think he is conservative because he talks bad about Obama, Reid and Pelosi. But that is not the test. You see when Walden is in the House Leadership and approves their budgets (including fully funding Obamacare and Planned Parenthood) we quickly see the standing verbally against socialists is not the test. Instead, the real test of whether someone is conservative or not is when that person is in power — what choices do they make with that power: the popular choice (increase the size and scope of government, or in this case who will make Sarah more popular) or the right (conservative) choice which limits government?

Sarah Palin has made her mark on the political landscape once again, but unfortunately it was a negative one for those of us who love the ideas of liberty and personal responsibility. Trump has said little to nothing about repealing Obamacare, let alone limiting the size and scope of government. As most moderates, Trump hopes to Make American Great Again by running government more efficiently (code for accepting the status quo, but not growing government quite as fast as the other guys).

Dear Sarah, you are now (politically) dead to me for you have chosen the one who places popularity over the values of our Founding Fathers.


  1. Paul Clark ~ Jan. 20, 2016 @ 3:58 pm

    Dear Mr. Henry, I have waited for years to see conservatives like you and the rest of the establishment squirm in their elitist skin. Your and your ilk has stood by while the left wing communist party who are now called Democrats have practically destroyed our culture and economy. You have done nothing to stop the destruction, and you have not offered any alternatives except to be politically correct. Donald Trump has enough sense to avoid calling himself a conservative and is on the verge of uprooting the Democrat and Republican bums alike out of their establishment game. This election cycle has been a real eye-opener for me and many other people. As the adage goes, “You can hide a leopard, but you can’t change his spots.” Finally the Republicans who have professed to be grass roots conservatives are showing their true colors, and there are a lot of them, from local politicians to Fox News. During Boehner’s reign I often thought it would be nice to have another party so no one would confuse me with the likes of his ilk, but after George Will’s statement that he might run third party, maybe, just maybe we will take over the party and you will have to find another place to play. I truly like Ted Cruz, but Governor Palin made the choice based on what needs to be done in this country. There is no doubt any of the top 4 Republicans would be much better than any Democrat, but we have a choice, and until recently there wasn’t a clear difference. For you establishment whiners, if Trump does one thing he has talked about it is 100% more than the Republican establishment who are in control of both houses of congress. In fact if he did nothing, it would be better than what the Republicans have done lately; does the budget come to mind? My last question is, does being a populist that promises to bring immigration, foreign policy, and the budget, under control; change the tax codes and offer incentives to bring back jobs to the country, and most of all, eliminate Obamacare sound bad? I personally don’t care what you call Trump, because anything would be better than an establishment Republican! #
  2. gus ~ Jan. 20, 2016 @ 5:44 pm

    The truth will be known if Trump wins and she gets an appointment. #
  3. Davis ~ Jan. 20, 2016 @ 7:41 pm

    Really interesting... Trump hardly ever talks about repealing ObamaCare anymore. He says it needs to go when pressed, but then says he likes single payer... Single payer is a government system - it is what Obamacare ran on... He likes social security. He likes and won't change Medicare. These are ALL new deal socialist programs leftists love to expand. These are the systems bankrupting our county. Trump won't touch them. Today he says Washington is in gridlock and he can make deals... Is he not paying attention? That's a nice talk track, but the omnibus budget was a MASSIVE deal. Cut by everyone save for a few conservatives trying to stop the run-a-way train (Paul and Cruz among them). We DO NOT need deals with the establishment GOP and liberal Democrats. We need a conservative that will push an agenda forcing the squishy GOP establishment to go along. Trump says he'll cut lots of stuff, trust me, it'll be great. Sorry, “trust me it'll be great” isn't a policy, it is the cult of personality. That's what we have with Obama.

    At least Cruz outlines 13 departments he will eliminate. That's a clear policy created by a clear ideology of Constitutiibal limited government. It isn't "trust me" it's here is what I will do. It is concrete, I get it.

    Before running Trump praised the Clintons, but now they are no good. He did it for business he says, which tells me he has nor core ideology other than what is best for Trump at the time. Before Cruz' poll numbers rose, Trump liked Cruz, but now Cruz is a nasty guy (personal unsubstantiated attacks). He loved Obama - quote after quote after quote ? and now he's no good.

    Trump has flipped on just about anyone he's worked with in the public eye to justify his run...

    He hates abortion but loves women and choice... Great political talk, but poorly founded ideals on what to do. If abortion is murder, you push to outlaw it. If not, you keep abortion and make it widely available to anyone, anytime. He politically rides the fence (no matter what side you may be on).

    He donates to the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation... Millions of Republican and Democrat businessmen do not give to other parties out of principal, and do just fine making millions. Trump shows us his principals are are whatever works for him at the moment. That's something I cannot trust.

    Trump's tax plan is progressive, which is a Marxist philosophy, designed to create class warfare. Others have a — all Americans treated the same — flat tax.

    I have no trust that Trump will stay within constitutional bounds, with his scary imminent domain beliefs for private business gain — truly scary. Rather, it would appear he will expand Presidential powers when he does not get his way — and that pushes us further to a 4-year dictatorship and away from liberty and “we the people”.

    Trump says he's a Christian yet can’t quote a single verse, and can’t ever recall asking for forgiveness — note: uh, can’t get Christ in ones life without repenting and asking for Christ’s forgiveness. Trump is just trolling Christians if he can. I can’t believe a word he says about his faith which only worsens his credibility and grows his politician in him side...

    What Trump has shown is that he is a populist-liberal, who has crafted a tax plan that union workers can vote for, while claiming he's a Republican-like in tax cuts. But this, along with everything else he shifts and changes in the moment for — I can't trust thus guy at all. No clue what he'll do after elected. None.

    Two words for the wise who will listen to reason and think beyond their anger: Ted Cruz


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