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Oct 7, 2016 — by: G.W. Washington
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Republican-elephantThis election cycle is certainly a bizarre one. At the national level, who would have ever thought that Donald Trump would be the Republican Party nominee for 2016? At the State level, who thought it was ever possible to have two Republican Party nominees in the same race on a general election ballot?

Say what?!?!

Well that is what some would like you to believe, that your choice for both Oregon State Senate and Oregon State Representative is between two Republican Party nominees. If that sounds confusing, it does so because it is confusing. Unless voters unwind what is going on some will unintentionally choose the wrong candiate because they do not understand who the real Republican Party nominees are in these two elections.

For State Senate District #28 Dennis Linthicum is the Republican Party nominee. He won his primary against two challengers by securing 78% of the Republican primary vote. For State Representative District #56 Werner Reschke won his primary by over 70%. There should be little doubt who the majority of Republicans want to represent them on the ballot. Moreover both Linthicum and Reschke have received the endorsements from the Oregon Republican Party and also local Republican party chapters.

But the two write-in candidates, who claim Republican status and yet lost their Republican primaries, have willingly accepted the nominations from the Democrat party. Huh? You read that correctly. The two write-in nominees willingly accepted the Democrat nomination in order to get on the general election ballot.

Take a step back and think for a moment.

Suppose that someone locally received an offer and accepted a two-year contract to work in Idaho. Upon their arrival they went to the DMV and re-registered their car in order to get an Idaho driver’s license, registration and plates. Now suppose this same person claimed “Oh I don't have to pay any auto-related fees to Idaho, because I bought and drove my car for many years in Oregon. Besides I plan to return to Oregon soon. Pay no attention to my Idaho driver’s license, or the car’s Idaho registration and plates, those are mere formalities Idaho makes me follow so I can drive here (in other words it’s someone else’s fault). Look here, I still have my Oregon license, registration and license plates.”

If someone said that we would think they were seriously confused about how State laws work concerning car registrations — because they would be!

Fear Not. Breathe and think clearly.

Cooler heads will prevail this election cycle as the voting public isn’t stupid — even though these two Democrat Party nominees are trying to win by confusing voters.

Make no mistake: 

  • Dennis Linthicum is the only Republican Party nominee in this election for Oregon State Senate District #28.
  • Werner Reschke is the only Republican Party nominee in this election for Oregon State House District #56.

Those are the facts. In a general election there is only ONE Republican Party nominee per race — not two, not three, not four, but one. Period. Linthicum and Reschke are the Republican Party nominees chosen by Republican voters by a wide margin.

And THAT is what makes a Republican a Republican Party nominee in general election  — the voters!


  1. A. Smith ~ Oct. 8, 2016 @ 10:34 am

    An earlier version of this story contained some factual errors which since have been corrected. #
  2. Finnious T Fogbottom ~ Oct. 12, 2016 @ 10:41 am

    To understand some of the glaring differences between conservatives and liberals one need only step back and look at who and what their supporters and distracters are. If someone or something is promoted by the local Klamath Falls news paper or a certain local morning AM newsy for instance, that person, thing or whatever is more than likely not of a conservative nature. If a local paper or radio station continually hires simplistic and/or hard Left leaning news people who support positions and plans which are devastating to the constitutional rights and freedoms of the productive and moral aspect of the Basin, well then the person doing the hiring is most likely a liberal. The line gets blurred however when one comes to understand that there are liberal leaning republicans and conservative meandering democrats. Too often these crossovers make up part of the mixed bag of un-unitable middle grounders known to some as the competing independent parties. This to be expected as there is a gradual gradient in the make up of all humanity which runs from Left (liberal) to Right (conservative) which includes all points between. As such there are natural differences in what those from each point of the gradient personally see and define as being either liberal or conservative. Ironically, no matter what others may think about where someone else fits into the Left to Right spread, chances are that such person will still consider themselves to be well balanced and anything but extreme. Speaking of blurred, thankfully the myopic Marxist views, plans and vision of the Left seems to be exactly what this website is fighting against. That is the same reason why one should vote for Linthicum and Reschke: If we loose those state political seats to the Left or the Pretend Right, like the way what is right is being lost from the Klamath County Commission, we will find ourselves pretty much governed by dam fools. Then maybe we would all be inclined to agree to change Christmas to National Sucker Day. We could also quite possibly adopt a region wide slogan that reads something like NO JOBS = JOBS. Finnious #

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