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Nov 18, 2016 — by: A. Smith
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University-of-oregonThat might seem like an odd question. First, how can I claim Oregon is “conservative” when we just elected a Democrat governor, several Democrat state officials and a Democrat majority to the State Senate and State House? Simple, I believe most Oregonians are conservative by nature — meaning they live their lives in a conservative fashion. I believe there are very few, if any, who pay additional money in taxes because they believe government is best institution and manner where to invest their money in order to create a better Oregon. I also believe most Oregonians are fooled by compassion pleas by the left:

  • More money for public safety means a safer community; 
  • More money for public education means a better future for our children;
  • More money for public transportation means better roads and bridges.

Much of Oregon’s geography is conservative, including Klamath County. However a disturbing trend is occurring in Oregon — these conservative strong holds are being invaded by liberal thought. Outside of Portland and Salem, think with me for a moment what the following cities below all have in common.

  • Eugene
  • Klamath Falls
  • Ashland
  • Bend
  • Corvallis

These cities are all home to public universities. I believe that public universities are a strong political force that are changing these once conservative communities. These universities create strong liberal pockets inside of areas that would naturally lean conservative. There are several reasons why, but discussing that is not the point of my blog. Instead I wish to make the observation and correlation between strong public universities and the political influence they have on communities they reside within.


  1. Ryan L. Miller ~ Nov. 23, 2016 @ 10:11 am

    It's funny how you're making the correlation that people with access to higher education tend to be more politically liberal. Does this not also mean ignorance and poor education are part and parcel of conservative thinking? #
  2. A. Smith ~ Nov. 24, 2016 @ 12:02 pm

    Hello Ryan. I think you are confusing my explanation of public education's effect on a community, with education. Good education starts with a proper understanding of how the real world works: what is the fundamental nature of people, of God, of government and power? Public education clearly starts with a different premise: that people are essentially "good" but it is his/her environment that needs to be changed (an incorrect environment is the cause of our societal problems). Liberalism is about reordering society in particular ways, using government as the hammer of change to reach utopia. Liberalism's failing is that it incorrectly understands the real nature of people and ignores there is a higher power, God. By getting the fundamentals about how the world really works, all they can ever create is tyranny, never utopia -- no matter how many neuroscientists, doctors, attorneys and engineers they "educate". #
  3. Finnious T Fogbottom ~ Nov. 27, 2016 @ 3:02 pm

    Truly knowledge does not become wisdom without being tempered by reality. In my own collegiate experience it seemed as if the pursuit of reasonably provable truth was too easily overshadowed by the hopeful power of feelings. Over the years (in my opinion)educated rationality have been given almost completely over to unbridled radicalism. As we have seen as of late emotion unguarded by rationality can move from lovelove to violence, destruction and hate in an instant. If things continue on their current path one may look back on what we became and describe it this way: In their sensitivity to sensitivity they became insensitive. 1n their lovingness they became unloving. In their demands for cooperativeness they became uncooperative. In their selflessness they became selfish. In the fulfillment of their hope, others became hopeless. In their hunt for equality, inequality was unleashed. In their spite for prejudice they became prejudiced. In their hatred of hate they became haters. In their zeal they became zealots. In their love of nature they brought about the unnatural. In their disdain for poverty all became poor. In the shadow of their own hope the hope of others was quashed. In their yearning for fairness all fairness was lost. In their quest for peace all peace was lost. In their push for unity, disunity rose up unstoppable. In their hunger for all to be filled unheard of numbers went hungry. In their weakness respect for strength was made weak. In their condemnations they themselves became condemned. In their vision of purity they became impure. In their pursuit of freedom few remained free. In their compassion they became uncompassionate. In their wisdom they became unwise. In their disgust for the One True God they became disgusted by GOD. These twisted things did after all recently become proven true in Venezuela. We just don't want the same politically correct compassionate experiment to take place here. Finnoius #

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