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Nov 2, 2016 — by: P. Henry
Categories: Government

Voting-boothWe are in the “silly season” of this election cycle. This is where the mud-slinging and wild accusations reach a fevered pitch... so much so it can often turn-off people to the political process — even good conservative voters. I would encourage you to look beyond the silliness and focus on your ballot. Now, more than ever, we need to put conservatives with common sense solutions into office. We also need to say “no” to all the crazy ideas on our ballot. Most of the ballot measures want to either raise your taxes or redirect how money is spent. Both of these ideas are bad.

First, Salem does not need any more of our money. They waste plenty of it each and everyday on programs that are failing our citizens. Before they get an additional nickel, we need to demand better accountability of what they have already been given. Second, dictating how money is spent by constitutional amendment is an amazingly poor idea. It makes it near impossible to change spending in the future when circumstances change. It is always best to leave spending decisions in legislators hands, because we can replace legislators far easier than we can change a constitutional amendment. 

The founding fathers wanted Congress, specifically the U.S. House (and by extension the State House) to be the sole authority on spending, because they are directly elected by the people every two years. It is this direct and immediate accountability we lose when we dictate by constitutional amendment how money should be allocated at a particular time in history — which may not be appropriate in the future. Flexibility and accountability from a legislature is what we should want, not dictates by past elections which are rarely, if ever, overturned.

So do not be discouraged. Vote. Tell your conservative friends and family members to vote. All elections come down to turn out, and if our side does not show up en mass, then we are doomed to a dismal future dictated to us by the other side. Then we have only ourselves to blame. So Vote! Vote! Vote!

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“When people are universally ignorant, and debauched in their manners, they will sink under their own weight without the aid of foreign invaders.”

— Samuel Adams, letter to James Warren, 1775

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