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Apr 20, 2016 — by: G.W. Washington
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CompromiseThe left has done a magnificent job of twisting our English language to work in their favor. Instead of being taxed for education, we now “invest” in education — in Oregon that “investment” has led to a 68% graduation rate. Public “servants” compensation is often significantly more than an equivalent job in the private sector — you know, the people who pay the public servants salaries + benefits. Public safety no longer means watching out for yourself or your neighbor but instead arming and funding your local police like a mini-military.

One other term that the left has co-opted for their benefit is the idea of “compromise”.

The left has turned this word into a virtue, in and of itself. It doesn’t matter what the compromise is, it doesn’t matter where it leads, if you compromise, then you are person of virtue. To that I say horse-hockey!

Suppose you are in business with a partner. One day your partner comes to you and recommends that you should go deep into debt in order to expand your business operation, to take advantage of an opportunity quickly. At first you are against the idea because you think the risk far outweighs the reward. But then your partner sweetens the deal by telling you part of this debt procurement will allow you and your wife to take that two week vacation to Hawaii you have always dreamed about, all on the company dime. You agree. You compromise your principles of running a debt-free business in order to get a “free” vacation with your wife to Hawaii. To the left you would be considered a virtuous person because you weren’t so rigid in your ideology, and you gave a little of your principle in order to get something for yourself. In six months the company files for bankruptcy because it can’t afford the debt payments.

What if you compromised with your spouse — you would be able to sleep around with other people, and in return your partner would be able to max-out all the credit cards for whatever they wanted... boat, car, clothes, spa treatments... While this is certainly a compromise, it is a compromise that would end the marriage in certain disaster.

Compromise is only a virtue when it leads to a long-term benefit for all involved, not just a short-term benefit for some. The left are masters at creating a faux-crisis and then focusing our attention on an immediate fix, without serious consideration to its long-term effects. Compromising your values is always part of the mix, and unfortunately too many of our fellow citizens take the bait and then are ensnared by the trap. The trap is often not immediate doom, but by compromising principles we know to be true, we become less and less resistant to the next proposal for compromising our principles. Down the slippery slope we go.

Compromise is not a virtue in and of itself. It is only a virtue when a long-term benefit for all can be clearly seen as the outcome.

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