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May 16, 2016 — by: A. Smith
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Power-polesIf you have not voted yet, you still have time to fill out your ballot. At this point DO NOT mail it but drop it off at the County Clerk’s office by 8pm tomorrow night.

Even if you don’t know who to vote for Dog Catcher Position #15, you should still vote for those people you do know and want to support.

Three of those people that should be on your list are: Tom Mallams, Dennis Linthicum and Werner Reschke.

Why? It is simple: these three men are on the right side of dam removal. The leftists wish to wisk away our cheap, abundant and renewable source of power (provided by the Klamath River dams) and replace them with expensive, semi-available and non-renewable solar power. Removing dams on the Klamath River will increase electric prices in such a manner that many in agriculture will go out of business. The cost for irrigators to pump water will be too expensive to offset the distance to market for many of their goods.

Dam Removal is bad public policy. Matter of fact Dam Removal is so bad it could fundamentally transform the basin and erode our one economic pillar still standing — agriculture.

So vote. Vote for Tom Mallams, Dennis Linthicum and Werner Reschke. These three men will unequivocally stand for affordable power in the basin, so agriculture can continue to grow.


  1. George George ~ May. 16, 2016 @ 1:09 pm

    Sometimes I think I must be missing something regarding Klamath Lake water levels and the dams in the Klamath River because the only advantage I can see to taking out the dams is to the environmentalists, and not for the reason they have decided on this week! If the dams are removed from the river, the only supply of stored water to maintain the flow of the upper Klamath River is Klamath Lake. It seems to me that would create more restrictions on water use, not less? Secondly, is the lake level the environmentalists claim is needed to protect the suckers. There is no proof higher levels are beneficial to the suckers. They did fine for hundreds of years before the dam was constructed on the Link River, and that poses another question. Why was the flooding of the fields near Agency Lake necessary to grow wocus? According the scientists, the wocus can’t survive in the deeper water where it used to be plentiful before the dam was built. Just by its name, Wocus Bay, you would believe it should be thriving with wocus, but it isn’t. The wocus produces shade for the fingerling suckers, and the lack of it has caused the decline in the sucker population according the biologists who are replanting the wocus. I believe historical records will prove that before the building of the dam on Link River, Wocus Bay was full of wocus. It would make sense to say that the higher water levels in the lake are detrimental to the fish. I am not going to ask the stupid question why the enviros want to keep all the water in the lake, or is the more proper term to say, not allow the agriculture industry to use the water? Everyone knows it is strictly for political purposes, much the same as the spotted owl issue, all “smoke and mirrors!” As many articles as I have read regarding the dam issue, I still don’t know a logical reason to take them out, or why some of the agriculture community agrees with the environmentalists. I do know many reasons to not take them out, and any one of them should be enough to stop any consideration to remove the dams. I am just a lowly citizen of Klamath County like so many other people who are scratching their heads and wondering what they are missing in the conversation. I believe all of the above makes some sort of sense, and none of what I have heard or read does. I have already voted for the people who made some sense of this issue, keep the dams! #
  2. Finniious T Fogbottom ~ May. 16, 2016 @ 2:43 pm

    It seems that the perfidious had really been outdoing themselves as the election was drawing near. It is inconceivable though that they didn’t fully realize that their estrogen charged positions in regards to dam removal , “basin restoration” , species protection and economic growth were outright otherworldly. In fairness though, maybe on their planet GETTING RID OF JOBS = JOBS, and feelings do produce more reliable energy than hydro power and fossil fuels, and a thriving economy does really emanate from hugging and worshiping nature, and bathrooms are supposed to be for making you feel and feel good about yourself, and drugs don’t destroy society from the inside out, and communism and socialism actually work, and Moist environmentalists really do care about the health, futures and welfare of humans, and if we stopped eating meat, veggied up and rode our bicycles and walked more and shared, got rid of our guns, and conservative radio (we could keep Paul H in the morning), and stopped buying stuff that we like and need and just loved each other (while dodoing the rainbow hum) then there would finally be world joy, peace, harmony and prosperity. However since we actually live on earth, maybe some have taken those real whacky positions (especially concerning the aggressive green takeover of the Basin) in the hope of some form of special treatment or other compensatory consideration. You’d have to think that something funny has to be going on since by accepting the KBRA etc. they are in effect agreeing with every lie, falsification, attack, slander, prostituted bit of science and misrepresentation spread about basin agriculture by media, government, educationists, environmental group etc. One could always hope that maybe I am just not progressive enough or have faith sufficient to image a planet somewhere out there in the great beyond where the same minds that brought us Dumbbama Care could actually do or change up anything that didn’t lead to an absolute grocery store chain like disaster. So though I am not quite ready to say “run Forrest Trump run”, I would definitely ask that you to elect Tom Mallams, Dennis Linthicum and Werner Reschke. If not we might have to run for our lives. Best regards Regardless, Finnious #
  3. Finnious T fogbottom ~ May. 24, 2016 @ 9:33 am

    Finally there is a dammed salmon solution that doesn't required huge expense, government bureaucracy, phony science, unconstitutional oppression, turn coats and the destruction of invaluable and rreplaceable infrastructure. Better yet it is funny: Search out "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Salmon Cannon (HBO) - YouTube" or copy, paste and directly link to: Those in despotic Green charge will just see it as funny. Because in reality they don’t want a solution, just power. That doesn’t include hydropower however. #

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