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Jun 25, 2016 — by: J. Madison
Categories: Economics, Government

Klamath RiverProponents of Dam Removal along the Klamath river continue to promise peace and prosperity if they get their way. But if you think about it, just the opposite will occur. Here are a few key points to consider:

Dam Removal will limit our ability to control water flow

Without the four dams along the Klamath river, water, once released from the Upper Klamath Lake head-gates, will flow uninterrupted into the Pacific. This means it will require more water from the Upper Klamath Lake in order to maintain stream flow levels. The end result is less water for local farmers and ranchers. Moreover, by removing the Keno dam, the ability to send water back into the Klamath Reclamation Project, is impossible. 

Dam Removal will increase electric rates

During a time when many are struggling to make ends meet, unnecessarily increasing our cost of living is the last thing we need. The Klamath river dams provide the most affordable, most efficient and most consistent power to Basin residents. Removing this resource will only send electric rates for all rate payers higher, much higher.

Solar Power is a scam

Solar power is supposed to be the 21st century answer to those evil 20th century dams. The problem is no one will install solar without receiving all of the solar energy subsides and kickbacks. In other words, on its own solar power costs more to set up and produce than it does to create electricity. This means someone else has to pay to make up the difference. That someone else is you and your children and your grandchildren. While solar looks clean and beautiful, today’s solar power is not cost effective — otherwise the economics of solar power would have us all install solar panels on our homes. The simple fact is that in order to make up for the inefficiency and inconsistency of solar energy, we the people must make up that difference by our government going further into debt and by us paying more for electricity.

If not hydro power, if not coal power, where does our electricity come from at night?

The Oregon legislature, lead by Democrats, passed a “Coal to Clean Act” in spring of 2016. This act will limit the amount of coal-produced electricity we will have access to in the upcoming years. So when it is cloudy or when it is dark, where will our power come from if not from hydro or coal powered facilities? This is a question you are not supposed to think about or ask, because it is in direct conflict to the green, liberal, solar agenda. The dirty little secret is your power will come from nasty coal power plants but you will pay a premium for that electricity because demand will be much higher and supply lower — remember, we no longer have access to affordable, efficient hydro power with Klamath Dam removal.

Klamath Dam removal will only do us harm. Why then are people fighting for it? Because there is big, big, big money behind the green environmental movement. Those who are for Klamath Dam removal are either in line to make receive a nice slice of that big money pie or are well meaning people that think they are saving the planet, when in reality they are hurting us all.

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