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Jun 26, 2016 — by: A. Smith
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The British Exit, or Brexit, from the European Union shocked the world on Thursday evening. Even a few years ago the idea of the EU’s largest economic member leaving the European Union was only left to pub-talks in rural English neighborhoods — and that was only after a few good pints.

51.8% of England decided enough was enough and voted to leave the “comfort and security” of the European Union. But why? Upon examination the ideas our jolly ol' friends from across the pond took to heart are the very same ideas that founded America.

1. Sovereignty and Self-Governance: The British were tired of being told by far away officials that they could not influence one way or another what their immigration policy was going to be, what regulations they had to adhere to, what trade restrictions must be followed towards those outside the union, and so forth. In other words the Brits were tired of aristocrats on the continent telling them what they could and could not do. Sound familiar? Is that not what we want for ourselves here in Klamath and Lake Counties? To have more power locally rather than bureaucrats and politicians in DC and Salem deciding what we can and can not do with our land, our water, our timber, our agriculture? The American project is about local governance which enables real accountability, not centralized control without accountability.

2. Immigration & Borders: The European Union was setting the new standard for allowing Islamic terrorists into member countries. The British had read enough about the rapes, murders and pillaging taking place throughout the rest of Western Europe to know the EU’s immigration policy was not for them. Controlling who is allowed inside your borders is a key tenant to national security. Like here at home, we also long for a Federal Government that would do its job and enforce current immigration law rather than making up new politically correct immigration law. Just a little research shows that today’s immigration to the U.S. is out of control. Furthermore, there is no way we can assimilate the masses being allowed within our borders. The numbers below* are legal immigrants only:

  • 1776-1965: 230,000 per year average
  • 1966-1989: 507,000 per year average
  • 1990-2005: 1,000,000+ per year average

3. Better Trade: Britain is now free to pursue trade policies that are in its best interests and not policies that may favor Spain, France and Germany first. Britain can make deals with China, the United States, Brazil and whomever they like and need not worry about what the members of the EU Parliament think.

Senator Mike Lee summed up the meaning behind Brexit in the following tweet on Friday night.


I couldn’t agree more. Centralized power is contrary to the survival of a free people.

* Immigration Numbers by NumbersUSA

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