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Jul 18, 2016 — by: G.W. Washington
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Gop-conventionThis week the National GOP Convention takes place. Delegates from across the country will descended on Cleveland in order to nominate a Republican candidate to run for President and conduct other national party businesses.

Locally we do not have a convention but we do have an “event” of our own — liberals attempting a take over of the Republican party. At last Thursday’s local GOP meeting, the rabble rousers were in full force, holding bylaws in their hands and speaking with arrogance, as if they owned the place.

What this group of faux-conservatives hope to accomplish is a takeover of our local Republican party. If successful, expect your local GOP party to endorse candidates that are not conservative — matter of fact, the plan is to endorse candidates who are running as Democrats.

For example, this group would love to see the Democrats nominees win the seats for State Senate and State Representative in this year’s general election. They claim that Kepple and Switzer are “registered Republicans” so it is okay. But that begs the question, if these men are really Republicans, why do they not run as Republicans in the general election? That is a good question. The answer is that they both lost their respective Republican primary races, and by wide margins, to Linthicum and Reschke. Moreover, Todd Kepple has only been a registered Republican for a few months now. While Switzer has been a long-time Republican, he is a 16-year politician who will align himself with whatever political party and cause in order to get elected. Beware of those who seek power so aggressively they are willing to twist themselves into political-pretzels, even aligning with the opposite party, to obtain it. 

“Hi I'm a Republican but will appear on your ballot as a Democrat, but really I'm a Republican.”

Both Kepple and Switzer pretend to be conservative, and now pretend to be Republicans. The fact is they have both accepted the Democrat nomination in order to be on the ballot in November. An important fact is that no one forced them to run as Democrats. As Republicans, which they claim to be, instead of running as Democrats in the general election and split the Republican party, they had an excellent opportunity to be real heroes by bowing out and unifying behind strong conservative Republican candidates in Linthicum and Reschke. But these men desire power over unity and conservatism. The fact that the Democrat party wrote-them-in as their nominee, should speak volumes. Kepple and Switzer gladly took the Democrat nomination for political advantage. Just a reminder, the Democrat party is the party whose platform is pro-abortion and anti-gun rights. The Democrat party is for higher taxes and increased minimum wages. 

This could be your new, local Republican party — if you do nothing. The best way to stop this takeover is for conservatives to get actively involved, and involved NOW. That may be inconvenient, and take some extra effort,... it may even cost something. But think of what the Founders sacrificed for our nation. How can we not get actively involved when our local, conservative party needs us? If we do nothing the local GOP party will switch hands. Then no major political party in the Basin will support our views. In essence we will have two Democrat parties that agree on most things, leaving the rest of us to pay for the grand schemes found only in centralized power.

There are three more local GOP monthly meetings before the general election. Be sure to show up and participate. They are the second Thursday of each month. For more information you can visit the Klamath County Republican website. You can also donate to Linthicum’s and Reschke’s campaign. Even $20 goes a long way. It helps pay for travel, for signs, etc — all necessary to win an election.

We started the year so well by placing the “In God We Trust” plaque in the County Commissioners public meeting room. However the question is how will we end 2016? With another conservative victory or with liberals taking over the party and endorsing Democrat candidates?

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