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Sep 20, 2016 — by: J. Madison
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As children we are taught to respect authority, and to play well together. As adults we should respect legitimate authority and learn to work well with one another — given the end result is worth working towards.

For example, suppose Legislator D wants to increase taxes 10% but Legislator R does not. They work hard together and decide to compromise at a 5% tax increase. While the two legislators have compromised the rate, only Legislator D has obtained a victory. Even though the rate increase is less than first demanded, damage is still done to the tax payer. Suppose later the same two legislators have the same set of differences and compromise at another 5% increase. What has happened? Legislator D wins again, and Legislator R looks like a nice guy because he/she is getting along, but the tax payers are losing this war with every compromise.

And so it goes. This is why the media promotes Republicans who compromise to get along with Democrats — because the direction of public policy always moves in the direction Democrats want. You will never read a story about how wonderful it is when Democrats compromise with a Republicans — mostly because Democrats never compromise with Republicans. It must always be the other way around in order for it to meet the media’s definition of “getting along” and “compromise”.

This is why Kelly Minty Morris editorial in the Herald and News is so disappointing (to use a polite term). She repeats the theme about needing to elect government officials who can work together. This is a naive view, much like how a child thinks. Instead, we need commissioners, city council men/women and legislators that will stand for American values of freedom and limited government — and be willing to fight for our rural way of life. What we don’t need are government officials to compromise to some deal that gives away more of our values, our virtue and our fortune in exchange for a lesser penalty than was first demanded.

Oregon does not have to be a Democrat state. The surrendered attitude of “this is the way it is and will always be so we might as well get the best deal we can” is extremely dangerous to defending our freedom and way of life. We need men and women of constitutional principle in all levels of government. What we do not need are people who are looking to cut the best deal that gives away our future for a short-term win — aka “getting along”.

Compromise is not a virtue when the end result is not virtuous.

Let us quit pretending compromise and working together are virtues in and of themselves. Let us instead stand together for things that are good, noble, and right — with no compromise. Then, and only then, will we have the solid footing to take back this State and make it great once again — for all Oregonians.

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  1. Finnious T Fogbottom ~ Sep. 21, 2016 @ 4:15 pm

    Compromise. There are various markers to be found which inadvertently clue us into how things are going in our society. A good example of something that is going bad right under our noses has to do with public bathrooms. It is indeed good to do everything we can (within reason) to accommodate those with special needs. Yet it is not unusual today to see bathrooms torn down and rebuilt or remodeled to meet special physical needs and in the process end up causing massive needs. It was bad enough for example when women had to wait in long lines just to use one of the then available multiple commodes. As the population increased, those lines were certainly not in danger of getting shorter and that should have resulted in at least the acknowledgment of the need for more or larger facilities. Yet when one now deals with the mandated special physical needs designs what you usually end up with is fewer toilets – one huge stall and one or two (if lucky) toilets and a long and miserable line. That sort of requirement in reality forces one have to plan, do and spend a bunch more in order to get a whole lot less. I wonder if that’s why throughout the nation one sees rest stops (especially those in critical need stretches of highway) being torn down and abandoned? We of the man persuasion fortunately have a few more convenient options than women in those situations. Such do not however lend themselves to environmental purity, and should have been foreseeable as well. It goes without saying that it took a lot of Leftist piecemeal persistence and conservative compromise and sad surprise to bring us to this flushstrating state. Yet it was way way way less than a form of manly compromise that has caused too many of us to surrender to political correctness and fall into lock step with the feminist rule that thou shall not leave the toilet seat up! I guess it is somewhat equalitarian in the politically incorrect sense (at least in multiple choice bathrooms) since now both gulls and buoys have the privilege of wiping urine off from the downed (or should I drowned) toilet seat! That too should have been more than forepeeable to some. So I guess the bottom line is the bottom line and the bottom line is simply that mindless compromise must be resisted at every turn. Yet sometimes the forces of political correctness can cause even the most conservative of us to end up sitting in or being blamed for someone else’s mess. Words from beyond Foggy Bottom. Finnious #

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