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Feb 12, 2017 — by: P. Henry
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So now the Oregon Water Resource Department (OWRD) lifts the Tribal call on water,... when we are at near flood stage. Is this now the level of water OWRD deems necessary in order for us to make use of our water rights? Unbelievable.



  1. Finnios T Fogbottom ~ Feb. 21, 2017 @ 5:20 pm

    A deep dive into the aqua indigenous arena is quite, well, quite deep. In fact you may even discover that there is a significant amount of planning on going right now which has the appearance of declaring war against the USA or at least on certain ethnic groups living in the USA. Take a look at the article titled, "Unsettling America, Decolonization in Theory and Practice": “All people not indigenous to North America who are living on this continent are settlers on stolen land.”…“We acknowledge that settlers are not entitled to live on this land. We accept that decolonization means the revitalization of indigenous sovereignty, and an end to settler domination of life, lands and peoples in all territories of the so called 'Americas'. All decisions regarding human interaction with this land base, including who lives on it, are rightfully those of the indigenous nations." Other articles to seek out are: "A UN and Tribal Takeover?" "Decolonizing Cascadia", "Checking the Facts Once Again – Standing Rock Fact Checker". This whole coup also seems to have quite an ant-European ancestry prejudice aspect to it. It is scary too as this War Against the Americas draws in as more than willing allies numerous anti-capitalist, anti-industrial, anti-ownership, anti-American, anti-commercial agriculture, anti-irrigation, anti-Christian, anti-dam etc. groups. A good percentage of the anti’s also treacherously work within the judiciary, government, education and media. Excessive and dangerous authority has already been given to this frightening Axis and it does not seem to have even naturally risen esteem by hard work, ability or ambition but through emotionally charged wreckless political correctness. Currently they obviously have way too much unbalanced say over water issues. This potential disaster must be brought into check before a process begins whereby some could feel justified to get rid of what they consider to be the "enemy" or the “problem”. I guess it's a good thing for them that the Kennewick Man wasn’t a red headed European. Oops, well he finally got hidden away today anyway so that won’t be able to shake up the reality of “who” the original settlers were. In the end that shouldn’t matter all that much anyhow as it would be pretty hard to determine which tribe took over, killed and enslaved what other tribe and their lands first or last or? I guess that’s why they operate now under the banner of “All people not indigenous to North America”. Now I am confused, where does the Kennewick Man fit in here? Anyway WE THE PEOPLE on the other hand operate under the banner of “Americans”. May the horrific path that "they" are currently on soon be Trumped! There are plenty on beds available in Gitmo. Finnious #
  2. Finnious T Fogbottom ~ Mar. 27, 2017 @ 6:56 pm

    I hope this treasonous terror error doesn’t have any connection to the recent theft of 10,000 (or so) rounds of ammunition from the good folks at park at Crater Lake. Amazing that such could take place untraceably unobserved from inside the park without inside help. I wonder where the nearest reservation is? Just wondering about some other stuff too, like: Why do they need all of the ammo up there? Was that part of the 2.5 million rounds of rifle and pistol HOLLOW POINT people killing rounds purchased by the Federal Government? Why are the Lava Beds parkers working so relentlessly and deceitfully with Tulelake Segregation Camp veterans and their kin to squeeze the Tulelake Airport etc. out of private hands (along with another massive amount of acreage)and give it to the Japanese? Are we being set up for forceful decolonization? Just curious as usual. Finnious #

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