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Mar 26, 2017 — by: A. Smith
Categories: Economics, Government

State Senator Dennis Linthicum and State Representative E. Werner Reschke have issued newsletters and press releases against three water bills which impose punitive-like fees and penalties on irrigators in Oregon.

House Bills 2705, 2706 and 2707 are nothing more than a money and power grab for the Oregon Water Resources Department. OWRD’s claim is that they do not have enough money or man-power to properly study ground water use in Oregon. However, my guess is that the Department continues to receive more money year over year. Just because OWRD has structured their department in such a way that requires more and more money each year without providing additional services is not the tax payer’s fault. 

Moreover, water users should not be disproportionately punished for information that might benefit everyone in the State. If everyone is going to receive a benefit then everyone should also pay for the labor and equipment involved in providing that benefit. These mandates and taxes (they call them “fees” and “penalties”) are not fair to rural Oregonians.

Be sure to learn more and then take action. The more people we have write the House Committee, the less likely these bills will make it out of Committee during this legislative session. This is still a citizen's government, which means we, as citizens, must stay actively involved.


  1. John Obermeyer ~ Apr. 24, 2017 @ 9:14 am

    These Bills must not pass. We as Oregonians have had enough of this Baloney. We are tired of the giveaways on the backs of the working class. We have the power to change things and we will. Consider the 2017 elections. Stop these Bills. By the way is there even consideration for the out of pocket cost to have a Well. It cost me over $10,000.00 to set it up with tank and filters. It cost me approximately $750.00 +/- annually to maintain it to a level acceptable for Human use. Please fight and beat these Bills. #
  2. Marjorie Wilkie ~ Apr. 25, 2017 @ 11:30 pm

    Thank you for helping to get the word out on these 3 bills. Again we see urban Oregon trying to control and profit from our rural way of life. I don't see any city folks offering to pay for drilling, excuvating, pump & pipe purchases, replacement repairs or even help with my power bill that runs the pump. Trust me, my water is not "free" as these bills make it sound like. What makes them think they have a right to charge rural dwellers & farmers for water use? This is just another attempt from big government to control & charge us so they can squander money on unnecessary data collection. They want fairness? How about those big city dwellers passing some funds to help us rural folks pay for police protection & school funding. After all, it's not fair they have more schools & law enforcement resources than rural communities. That makes as much sense as what these 3,bills do. As an aging widow, I pay my property & income taxes. I don't need the OWRD to tax, fine & penalize me for flushing my toilet, washing my clothes & car or watering my lawn & garden. Those over educated idiots in Salem need to leave us alone in Southren Oregon! #

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