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from March 2013, Culture

Mar 28, 2013 — by: B. Franklin
Categories: Culture

School-boy-learnHave you ever made a decision that later on you regretted making? The answer to that question is, "of course." We have all made decisions that we wish we hadn't made. Sometimes those decisions don't really matter, yet sometimes they can significantly alter the course of our lives.  The fool continues to make the same poor choices over and over. The fool doesn't learn from their mistakes. One poor decision after another. The wise person learns from the errors in the past and tries to prevent from making them again going forward. 

So why do we make such foolish choices?

Well in some cases it is inexperience. We just don't have enough information or experience in a particular matter so we make an error in judgment. Fair enough. This is one way we develop as a child, through adolescent, to maturity as an adult. As we live our lives we add more and more experience to our knowledgebase. But in most cases as adults, our foolish choices are caused when we let our emotions get the best of us.

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