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Apr 13, 2013 — by: P. Henry
Categories: Culture

Sleezy-salesmanLast week the Herald and News continued to spread its progressive, liberal filth on the innocent in Klamath County. I've attached a clipping of the article in found in View Points (page 1, page 2). It only requires reading the first paragraph to understand that the person (or group) who wrote this article either lives in an alternative universe or can not let the facts get in the way of their ideology.

“Anyone who attended the inaugural Klamath County Crystal Apple Awards ceremonies Tuesday night for teachers and school staff were surely impressed with the caliber of educators in this county.”

Now wait a moment. Is this the same group of fine educators that produces a 73% graduation rate in the County Schools and a 57% rate in the City Schools? Combined the two districts spend $100,000,000.00 each year to educate our children and 1 out of 3 do not receive a diploma. Moreover of those that do graduate many are not proficient at math or reading. That said, we can be certain that all of them know how to place a condom on a banana and where at their school they can score some funny weed. What's more these students are well versed in the pilgrims bigoted lifestyle, the awful sins of Washington and Jefferson for owning slaves and how much a debt our society owes to the native tribes who were here before us (we're sorry we stole your land, how can we make this up to you?).

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Apr 10, 2013 — by: A. Smith
Categories: Culture

Lady-and-puppyThere once was a Lady who loved her dog. She had specially selected her puppy from the local Humane Society. The Lady called her dog "Mrs. Hound" and loved her dog as much as one could love dog. The Lady walked Mrs. Hound every morning and every night. The Lady also bought Mrs. Hound the best dog food available to ensure a long, happy and healthy life. It was a match made in doggie heaven.

But one day the Lady had to go back to work. You see, the Lady had adopted the puppy during her two week vacation in the summer, and now that time had now come and gone. So the Lady found a local kennel who would pick up Mrs. Hound each morning and then drop her off in the evening after the Lady had returned from work. The kennel bragged about its programs for puppies and ensured the Lady that Mrs. Hound would be a far better dog for attending their special canine training. They would also provide Mrs. Hound proper socialization, so Mrs. Hound would know how to act around other dogs and people. Naturally Mrs. Hound would receive excellent care while at the kennel. The Lady agreed to the monthly fee, and the next Monday morning the service picked up Mrs. Hound promptly at 7:45 in a special doggie van.

Summer quickly turned to Autumn and soon Winter would be here. Mrs. Hound was growing up and the Lady couldn't be more proud of her.

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