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Jul 2, 2015 — by: A. Smith
Categories: Culture

Fireworks, Liberty, 4th of JulyOn this 4th of July weekend many will celebrate. However, our problem is many do not know what they will be celebrating. Watch this quick video by InfoWars. When we celebrate for the sake of celebrating and we do not know why we celebrate, the celebration becomes the focus and not the historical event we are to remember. 

This weekend, Liberty is why we celebrate. Freedom from a tyrannical English monarch, King George. But Liberty means more. It means the Founders set up a government that would be limited in scope and power so that we, many generations later, could continue to enjoy freedom from a powerful and oppressive government. However, Liberty began to lose its meaning in the late 20th century, and now many people have become fools, like those see on the InfoWars video.

In the 1960's progressive activists began to bend and re-shape the meaning of Liberty. These subversive few redefined Liberty from meaning “freedom from tyranny” to “freedom from morality and natural consequence”. Want to get drunk, take something from someone else, get high and have sex with whomever you want? You are free to do so, and do as much of it as you want. In their view, freedom from moral constraint is what Liberty was all about. The “oppression” in their view was morality, not government. Government in their view is good. Moral constraints bad. Unfortunately over time this new meaning took shape and ahold of the culture. The problem is that Liberty was never meant to stand alone. There is a co-principle, the other side of the coin, that must always go hand and hand with Liberty — Personal Responsibility.

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