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Jan 20, 2016 — by: P. Henry
Categories: Culture

Sarah-palinWhy do most people think that when a conservative like Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump yesterday, that made Donald Trump more conservative? Why don’t people think when Sarah Palin endorsed populist Donald Trump yesterday, it revealed to us that Sarah Palin is really a populist?

It is a very important question to ponder. I believe most of us have incorrectly pegged Sarah Palin as a philosophical conservative — one whose ideas bubbled up from the same ground springs in which the Founding Fathers drank. However, yesterday’s announcement made it abundantly clear that our understanding of Sarah Palin has been incorrect. She too is a populist. For another set of exhibits to prove my argument: when have you heard Sarah Palin ever talk down any of Senator John McCain’s populist, big-government ideas? Answer, never. She is loyal to the establishment while wearing red, white and blue.

Unfortunately, most of us were fooled, for Sarah is one who latched onto popular conservative ideas and railed against the left. However, when it came time to stick her neck out, instead of endorsing the true conservative, Ted Cruz, she goes with the popular choice, Mr. Apprentice. She calls that picking a winner. I call that hedging your bets and accepting the under-the-table offer by Trump.

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