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from April 2015, Economics

Apr 20, 2015 — by: T. Jefferson
Categories: Economics

Klamath-childrenOf course you’re going to support the farmers, ranchers and children by voting Yes on 18-101: the KBREC OSU Extension Center levy. Who would be against such a thing? 

This is the perpetual lie of the Left. They claim that if we continue to acquiesce and send more of our disposable income to government that County and State officials know best how to bring about utopia. 18-101 is no different.

Previously the OSU Extension Center and 4-H were funded by our general property taxes. This meant the County Commissioners looked at their budgets and allocated a certain amount for these services. Since 2007, when the housing bubble burst and economic collapse ensued, the Commissioners have steadily been setting aside less and less for this program. It isn’t that they think the OSU Extension Center is a bad program or that 4-H is not worth funding, but the County Commissioners had to make a decision with their limited resources and decided that the county had higher priorities that needed to be funded. (Why can’t we also claim the same thing with our limited budgets without being labeled “selfish”, “cheap” or “uncaring” by those with a differing opinion?)

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Apr 10, 2015 — by: J. Madison
Categories: Economics

1940s-bank-robberLast night I had the opportunity to attend the Klamath County Republican Central Committee meeting. A gentleman spoke on reasons why we should vote no on both the Public Safety levy and the KBREC levy. It was an entertaining and informative talk.

What surprised me were two men who disagreed with the speaker’s point of view. During the question and answer session there was some discussion about how the county jail has been funded with Road Fund dollars and whether that was a good or bad idea going forward. One of the two gentlemen blurted out “We can’t continue to steal from the Road Funds.” Note, he is in favor of passing the Public Safety levy.

That comment stuck in my craw the wrong way until I realized why. This pro-Public Safety levy man was claiming it was wrong for the government to take money from one government account (set aside for a specific purpose, in this case roads) and use it for another government need (the jail). However at the same time he was perfectly fine taking money from my (personal) account to use on another government need (the jail). That’s when I had that “ah-ha” moment. What had bothered me was his hypocrisy, because if one action was stealing, then both actions were stealing. It just so happens that one scenario “steals” from a government account he wants to protect, but when “stealing” from my wallet — he could care less. “Hand it over”, in other words.

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