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Sep 27, 2012 — by: A. Smith
Categories: Government

Free-moneyWednesday's (Sept. 26) Herald and News had an article (page A3) summarizing an interview of Congressman Walden by several people in the community.

However if you look at who was allowed to be part of the interview, they all had something in common: they all asked Congressman Walden questions to make sure they money keeps flowing from Washington into their pockets. They were there to make sure they get their pork from the big piggy (the Federal Government). What's worse, what they are really saying is that they want the Feds to borrow and steal from us, the taxpayer, in order to keep the money coming in for them. Here is a sampling from the article:

Toby Freeman, Pacific Power — Mr. Freeman's question was about the KBRA and whether it is moving forward in congress. (Really Mr. Freeman is asking if the KBRA is moving forward because he wants the Fed's to pay for the removal of dams under the KBRA, and doesn't want his company to be on the hook. Real Motive: Free Money.)

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