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May 23, 2013 — by: G.W. Washington
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Rep. Greg WaldenWhat is it that most of us do not like about politicians? Is it that we can't pin them down? Is it that they are often squishy on things we think are easy to define? What is it that makes us hopping mad at them? There's one word why politicians are so disliked in modern America. That one word is dishonesty.

We Americans are a forgiving lot. We will put up with almost anything. But one thing we won't stand for is being made a fool. We won't let someone get away with deceiving us. However, that is exactly what Congressman Walden did during his past two trips to Klamath County. During his Town Hall Meeting at OIT in February and again during a fund raiser in April, Mr. Walden trumpeted the fact that he helped put in place the No Budget, No Pay Act of 2013. What he told everyone the bill did was to stop paying congress if they didn't pass a budget this year. The Senate hasn't passed a budget in nearly four years. This would ensure Congress did, so the two Chambers could go to conference and produce the first budget in four years.

Sounds like a good bill right? Who would be against something as simple as that? Look, if we don't do our job, we shouldn't get paid either. It was a common sense, no-brainer, easy bill to be for — and you know what? The Senate did pass a budget. But here's the problem... there has not been any conference. There still is no budget. Moreover that's not all the bill contained. According to Representative Justin Amash’s Facebook page:

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May 21, 2013 — by: A. Smith
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Recall-actorsA group called, Voters for Fiscal Responsibility filed a petition last Friday at the Klamath County Clerk's office to recall Dennis Linthicum as county commissioner. Sherri Biggs of Malin Oregon filed the petition on behalf of the group. Voters for Fiscal Responsibility claim that they have become frustrated with all three commissioners and as soon as Tom Mallams and Jim Bellet are eligible for recall, a similar effort will be made on their behalf.

This effort seems like déjà vu all over again. In 2011 Chuck Collins filed a similar petition to recall Commissioners Switzer and Hukill. We wrote about that in the following two articles:

What makes this so familiar is that the action and the reason for the recall is the same, but we just have different actors involved. It is as if Ms. Biggs is channeling Mr. Collins.

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May 14, 2013 — by: J. Madison
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School ChildrenIf you read the Herald and News today it has two Letters to the Editor by Michael J. Fitzgerald and Dan Keppen. While both are well written, both miss the point of those opposed to the Klamath Schools Bond measure. Whether ignorance or arrogance, they are missing the point.

The main point they are missing, and it is a very important one, is that Klamath Schools receive approximately $100 million (that's $100,000,000.00) each year. That's a lot of money, especially in our sparsely populated county. Both Fitzgerald and Keppen ignore this fact. It's as if they believe every penny of this money is wisely spent or that we shouldn't count this money when it comes to buildings and maintenance. Why not? Good question.

Suppose you were a generous parent and you gave your son a weekly allowanceof $100. At the end of the end of the week your son comes to you in a panic and says, "Hey, look, I'm out of money and I'm out of gas. I can't drive anywhere! Can you give me an extra $30 this week? I'll pay you back...  I just need to put some gas in the tank." What would your first response be?

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May 9, 2013 — by: A. Smith
Categories: Government

A recent Letter to the Editor and a radio ad campaign by the Citizens for Klamath Schools PAC take direct aim at Dennis Linthicum, by launching several personal attacks. Isn't it interesting that when someone opposes the Left (increasing taxes to solve a problem) that the person who stands up against these “elites” who “know what’s best for you” is personally attacked? Well it should be no surprise. Rule #13 in Communist Saul Alinsky's handbook, Rules for Radicals, states:

13. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

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May 9, 2013 — by: P. Henry
Categories: Government

Note: This article has been updated. Thanks to a reader (Ed) who pointed our chart original chart was incorrect. 

The wise book states that you can tell where a person’s heart is by seeing where their treasure is also. Below is a chart to help you understand who exactly is supporting the Citizens for Klamath Schools PAC.


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“When people are universally ignorant, and debauched in their manners, they will sink under their own weight without the aid of foreign invaders.”

— Samuel Adams, letter to James Warren, 1775

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