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Mar 17, 2015 — by: A. Smith
Categories: Government

Serfdom Next ExitIt seems like every government agency and its dog is looking for “secure funding”. Whether it is the jail, OSU Extension Service, the public schools, the museum, the public library,... the list is almost endless. Every government agency now wants their own taxing district so they can ensure funding from year to year without worry whether the Commissioners might cut their budgets because of poor cost management and/or declining tax receipts.

What if JELD-WEN wanted the same thing, secure funding? As one of the largest employers in Klamath County, what if JELD-WEN asked tax payers for just $1.00/$1,000 in order to ensure they could keep jobs here in the Klamath Basin instead of shipping them to North Carolina? What if the local bakery wanted the same thing to help local bakeries be better prepared to survive a future economic down turn? And how about all the lawyers and accountants? We certainly need their services in our little community, so why shouldn't the rest of us sacrifice just a little bit more to ensure secure funding for these businesses too?

Hopefully you can quickly see how this idea is endless and unworkable. So this begs the question, why does government need “secure funding” when the rest of us (who pay the taxes) don’t get such assurances in our personal or professional lives? I suppose the response would be, “Well Mr. Smith, that's because we need certain government services, and we can't afford to not have them.” I agree with this statement to a point — if we can properly define what the word “need” means. There are indeed a few services a county government needs to and should provide. But those services belong to a very limited set. Most of the things county government provides are really wants by special interest groups cleverly disguised as community needs.

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Mar 6, 2015 — by: P. Henry
Categories: Government

Just days after successfully helping President Obama secure funding for his illegal, Executive Amnesty program, Representative Greg Walden quickly went to his computer to make sure his constituents know he is fighting against Obama? What??? Here is his email to the district:


Walden, Fundraising, 7 dollarsSo is this what “conservative” representation now looks like? Our “conservative” representative voting to get Obama’s Cromnibus budget thorough Congress, and two months later joining more Democrats than Republicans to help Obama get his illegal amnesty program fully funded? Of course it isn't. This is a Republican whose first name is RINO. Don't be suckered by the charm and ah-shucks presentation of this inside-the-beltway, DC schmoozer.

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Mar 4, 2015 — by: A. Smith
Categories: Government

Greg-walden-headshotThis has been a very bad two weeks for our nation. Last week five unelected FCC officials (thank you Congress for “overseeing” their activities) voted 3-2 to make the internet a regulated utility, now under the jurisdiction of the FCC. The liberal lie of Net Neutrality won, and another sector of the free market economy falls.

Not to be outdone, earlier this week our beloved Congressman, Greg Walden, joined 74 other Republicans who voted to fully fund Obama’s executive order — making millions of illegal aliens legal. In other words, Walden voted for Obama’s Amnesty.

You can read the full story here. I’m certain Walden will soon be traveling the district (on the tax payers dime), giving excuses for this traitorous behavior. Get ready to hear:

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