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from September 2016, Government

Sep 20, 2016 — by: J. Madison
Categories: Government


As children we are taught to respect authority, and to play well together. As adults we should respect legitimate authority and learn to work well with one another — given the end result is worth working towards.

For example, suppose Legislator D wants to increase taxes 10% but Legislator R does not. They work hard together and decide to compromise at a 5% tax increase. While the two legislators have compromised the rate, only Legislator D has obtained a victory. Even though the rate increase is less than first demanded, damage is still done to the tax payer. Suppose later the same two legislators have the same set of differences and compromise at another 5% increase. What has happened? Legislator D wins again, and Legislator R looks like a nice guy because he/she is getting along, but the tax payers are losing this war with every compromise.

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