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Jun 29, 2011 — by: B. Franklin
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In Tuesday's H&N, the big story was, "Citizen starts recall effort". Before I begin to analyze the article, notice how the H&N makes this action in itself seem noble. It wasn't a person nor was it a resident. No, no. it was a citizen — inferring that this recall petition is an act of citizenry, an honorable act. No need to go any further and measure whether or not this action make sense or whether it is just. Nope, because a citizen has bravley brought this petition forth, it is now noble. By their headline, the H&N has declared it so and therefore set the tone for their report.

While I could spend an entire article talking about the motives of the H&N, it is more prudent to focus on the act of Chuck Collins (he's the virtuous citizen in this story).

According the H&N, Mr. Collins claims that the two commissioners have not,

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Jun 17, 2011 — by: G.W. Washington
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Oregon State Senator Doug WhitsettKlamath News is proud to announce the publishing of Oregon State Senator Doug Whitsett’s weekly newsletter. Why are we doing this? To keep the public informed. Apparently the Herald & News has an odd policy when it comes to our public officials. According to Senator Whitsett’s office,

Senator Whitsett publishes a newsletter every Friday and it is sent to the Herald and News, the Upper Rogue Independent, the Medford Mail Tribune and the Central Oregonian newspapers (all within his district). It is published in full and on their blog every week in the Medford Mail Tribune, and in the Upper Rogue Independent newspapers, and many times in the Central Oregonian and sometimes in the Bend Bulletin, as well as the Roseburg paper and some Eastern Oregon newspapers.

The Herald and News has never printed a copy of any of Senator Whitsett's weekly newsletters to his constituents. He was told the only way he could regularly reach his constituents in Klamath County through the local newspaper was to buy "advertisements".

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Jun 2, 2011 — by: P. Henry
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Klamath County Jail Levy

The Herald & News is at it again. On June 1st, their front page article titled, "Jail levy: City, yes; county, no" the paper "reports" on the break down of the jail levy failing and points the finger squarely at rural idiots.

The paper printed quotes from the Klamath Falls mayor and  other city officials, but must be shy on phone numbers for comments from those who live in Chiloquin, Bonanza or Merrill. The story does nothing to explain why voters voted the way they did, just to point subtly the finger at rural residents in the county for the reason the levy failed (and at the same time assign blame). So, to do the work the H&N should've done, I'll explain why voters turned down the levy in rural areas of the county.

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