Fun camping trip and fishing of my family last summer

Fun camping trip and fishing of my family last summer
After finishing my university exams, I planned to have a fun camping trip and go fishing with my family as usual. We have made several trips recent years in neighbor states. But this time, my father said that he wanted to go within our state: California. Then we agreed to visit: Pyramid Lake, a famous lake in Los Angeles County for camping and fishing. It is located in the Angeles and Los Padres National Forests, about 60 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles. Before going on trip, we chose Pyramid Lake Recreation Area to find suitable family site and offering services because its distance is less than 2 miles from the lakes. The campground provides facilities for camping, boating, fishing, and beach. We intended to spend 2 days 1 night for our vacation in Pyramid Lake.
We went there in a hot and dry day. After two hours driving from Los Angeles, we finally reached our destination. As my mother had paid site fee in advance with $20 per night and confirmed number of people so we did not spend too much time for checking in. The service staff guided us to our family sites.  Our sites are located in the center of the area so there was shade from the mountain in the afternoon.  We really liked them because there was a bathroom with flush toilet, potable water and dump station free, tent. Those are enough for four people in my family. However, we did not care about securing our tents until the wind blew and collapse them. We had to rebuild our tent and remember to leave the window covers down.
The next morning, we decided to drive to the lake and rent a boat for 8 hours.  The rental price was $65 totally. It took about 3-5 minutes to go to the lake. The lake was so clean which I could see green seaweed in the sea bed. We went around the lake and enjoyed cool and refreshing air. My younger sister was so excited and she jumped into the water to swim. Even my parents warned that she could be itchy and allergic with water. But luckily she didn’t suffer from that.
My father had a lot of experience in fishing. He drove the boat to a quieter place. My mother kept the camera and took a lot of pictures. My father used his favorite fishing rod and reel to catch the fish. He told us to be silent and wait until the fish ate bait. He gave me one tip to catching fish in fresh lake was getting the bait into the seaweed to mislead fish. My younger sister and me feel impatient when one hour passing but there was no fish stuck in our rod. . But when we started standing up, my father spoke loud: “Two fishes!” We surprised and yelled with laughter. Finally, we got fishes for dinner. My father removed fishes from reel and put them into a bucket. We had lunch on that boat. In the afternoon, we drove back to our campsite and cook fresh fish. We made fire and had nice BBQ that night.
The last morning, we enjoyed sunrise at our campsite and had our breakfast with packaged food which my mother bought before going. At 10:00 am, we arranged our stuff and gave back facilities to the host. The staff was friendly and helpful too. Overall, I really had a great time that weekend and my family will definitely come back here.

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