How to choose the best vacuum sealer to preserve fish

How to choose the best vacuum sealer to preserve fish

fresh fishCatching fish is a demanding job but preserving its inherent quality is a lot more difficult. In that respect, storing fish is vitally important beside cleaning and processing fish. Thus, a good vacuum sealer is the very important appliance for any housewives and anglers to store fish for a long time without having its taste and quality degraded. A good vacuum sealer has powerful suction and sealing, leaving fish no oxygen, moisture or leaks for microbes, mildew or insect to proliferate and spoil fish. There are countless vacuum sealers with a variety range of brands, sizes, types and with different usage. Ironically, you don’t know where to start to get the right one for you. Should you are in such situation, then “bingo” _ you come to the right place. This article will give you useful advices on how to choose the best vacuum sealer to preserve fish.

There are several angles that you should thoroughly consider when it comes to purchasing a vacuum sealer:

  • What are the reasons of using the vacuum sealer?
  • What are the types and characters of fish (size, saltwater or freshwater, spices, length of possible perseverance) that you would like to preserve?
  • What types of bags do you prefer to storing fish?
  • How is the budget would you spend on the vacuum sealer?

After you made up your mind about these things, you need to know types of vacuum sealer that are already available on the market. There are 2 main types of vacuum sealer: chamber vacuum sealers and external vacuum sealers.

Chamber vacuum sealer (Also called an industrial vacuum sealer)

Good points
Bad points
  • Commercial vacuum sealer
  • Price: between 500$ and 2.500$
  • For bigger pack capacity with bigger seal bar
  • Allowing unceasing packaging
  • No problems with sealing liquids
  • Additional features and range of options to choose from
  • Implicit compressor
  • More expensive
  • Limited portability: countertop application

  • Large size and heavier

External vacuum sealers (sometimes also called suction style sealer)

vacuum sealing fish

Good points
Bad points
  • Designed specifically for a regular house kitchen
  • Price: from 30$ only
  • Can be utilized as a chamber sealer to pack things
  • More expensive than a normal spout sort sealer
  • Hard to move and heavier

Now you have a better insight into what kind of vacuum sealer you would like to buy and that’s a good start. In respect to factors to which you need to pay due attention before you make your final decision, we highly recommend you 4 criteria:


Contingent upon your prerequisites, you may need a handful and small-sized sealing machine that fits into your kitchen or to take it with you on a fishing trip or a powerful and enormous one with large capacity. If a small machine was the case, the portability is often companied with poor performance and incompetent durability. On the other hand, if your preference is a large vacuum sealer to pack fish in bulk, then a chamber vacuum sealer is the best choice. This kind of machine is almost the same size of a small dishwasher and therefore, difficult to handle. However, plus point is that it can deals with a large amount of food and extremely perfect for sealing liquids, dry and moisture food without risk of damaging the food. But if your heart is set on vacuum sealer that meets size and efficiency requirements, you can opt a medium-sized durable machine that is suitable for anglers like foodsaver gamesaver deluxe vacuum sealing kit. You may also want to read reviews of best vacuum sealers in 2016 at Vacuum Sealer Adviser.


The next thing to consider is the vacuum pressure that offers strong suction power. In order to solid air suction, a vacuum sealer should deplete all the inside air and seal the pack firmly. If you go for cheaper machines, then you may risk having pack of fish improperly sealed and end up losing its initially good taste and quality.

Beside, poor quality heating bar can lead to another problem: foam cover. Fish quality can be suffered if the pack is leaky and penetrable from the outside.


It is often valued if a vacuum sealer provides users with different working modes: manual or automatic. If you are busy catching and cleaning fish, then leave the machine on automatic mode. Obviously, we can save lot of time thank to this feature. Other extra features include: external hoses for seal canisters and jars vacuum, dishwasher-safe, roll storage and cutter, dust removal for sealing inedible stuff.


Three years is the highest warranty, and the lowest is one year. In term of maintenance, the cost is usually high with cheap machine, which misleads many people with the idea of economic deal but in fact, this option costs them a lot more. This is because of regular change of flawed spares. When you buy a vacuum sealer, rethink about the initial price and compare it with the maintenance cost.

Unquestionably, a good vacuum sealer is ideal to preserve fish for a long period without fear of freezer burn and diminishing quality. If you want to get one, now you know where to start to purchase a perfect machine for you.

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